The Five Minute Project

I’m in the throes of getting caught up on my overwhelming backlog of stuff (it’s possible I’ve mentioned that before, and I know you know that because you’re always so attentive). Right now I’m trying to get my personal images in order. The girls are at a point where they want to see their pictures — they know I’ve been taking plenty, but when they ask to see them I have nothing but disappointment to provide (they certainly don’t want to sit at my computer looking through hard drives; they want stories, prints — something tangible) . I’m endeavoring to correct this.

Every once in a while I sit down with my girls. I ask if I can take their picture (generally they’ll humor me because there’s usually candy and attention involved). We just talk. 5 minutes. I ask questions, they tell me things . . . lots of things, and while I remember them, the truth is it doesn’t matter what the words are.  This set of Blondie was from a couple of years ago. It amazes me how much she’s grown in such a short time. She no longer has those super squishy cheeks. She won’t wear her ponytail high on her head anymore. Ahhhhhh, but I’ve got the pictures — and soon she will, too.




I’d challenge everyone to do this with their kids on a scheduled basis (their birthday…?). It’s the type of memory that a single, posed portrait can’t provide.

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