Monthly Challenge: Interesting Perspectives {Just a Walk}

This month we’re working on Interesting Perspectives and I got a new lens {yes, again supplied by Sean, stop patting him on the back cause it’s going straight to his head}!!  The sun and planets had clearly aligned, so the girlies and I sat out on a walk.  Just a walk.

I live in a suburb of Houston (which, if you know Houston means I could live 500 miles away and still be considered Houston-area).  I digress:  I live in an “Up and Coming” suburb of Houston.  There’s a lot of new construction going on in the area.  Much to the delight of urban planners, property tax collectors and HOA managers, empty fields are being developed at a rapid rate – no longer laying fallow.  Huge areas that were (only weeks ago) vacant are now being cleared for concrete slabs, plumbing, two car garages and movie theaters.  The American Dream.

We (the girls and I) wanted to explore the area before all the houses were complete (we haven’t been able to before because, as I said, these were fields and this is Texas – home to rattle snakes, man-eating ants, raccoons, feral pigs:  Varmints).

From the newly built road you can see some old farm equipment (it’s easily overlooked through all the construction equipment).  I wanted to investigate: “C’mon new lens, lets go make blog post history!!”  The machinery looked like it had been abandoned some time ago, a flat tire the likely culprit.  I got high, I got low; I got far and wide.  I got bit by man-eating ants.  Interesting perspectives.


We kept walking – mostly me as the girlies got tired; but, they made the most of it.20130310-IMG_4027

But, what were they looking at?  Just….up.  Interesting perspectives.


I really did start to notice a lot more than I had before.

Abandonment and waste:

InterestingPerspective_04Beauty in simplicity:
20130321-IMG_4225And then, there he was.  Unassuming.  Seemingly small and inconsequential.
20130321-IMG_4193Until I watched.  Until I waited.  Until I really looked.20130321-IMG_4209-Edit_PSE-3

And, it was then that I understood how much I still have to learn about the world.  How, sometimes “development” requires a second look and a deeper consideration.20130310-IMG_4055

So, what started out as “Just a Walk”, ended as a testament to preservation and respect.  But, mostly I learned that “Interesting Perspectives” don’t always come from shooting wide or low, but rather from the desire and willingness to see things from another point of view; that to really see things you must sometimes take a deliberate, active, and full pause. Interesting perspectives, indeed.

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I’m participating in a blog circle with some other very talented ladies from ClickinMoms – we’ll be working on some photo skills/challenges each month and sharing them.  Please venture on to Jennifer’s blog and see what she’s got in store for us this month.


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  2. by Catherine on April 2, 2013  1:36 pm Reply

    Oh wow, entertaining writing and lovely images!! Great job!

  3. by Melinda on April 2, 2013  2:21 pm Reply

    I really enjoyed your photo essay on where you live and the changes in the land as a result of development. And you got some beautiful photos! Well done!

  4. by Meredith on April 2, 2013  5:53 pm Reply

    Well, shucks. I loved this. You really embraced this exercise and I loved walking along with you and your story and your deeper appreciation in the end. You're fun and deep and I like what you see. Now I'm hugging you. ;)

  5. by stacey on April 2, 2013  6:12 pm Reply

    um, these are fantastic. love the story and the photo's!!

  6. by Catherine M. on April 2, 2013  6:36 pm Reply

    Your writing spoke to me this month. I also found this challenge got me to really look at my daily environment. For me this is downtown Calgary and when its your daily grind you see past so much beauty. In my world, it is interesting architectural lines, people, and connections. For you on this walk it seems it was the intersection between development and nature. Isn't that the great thing about photography though? It really does make you see your world in a totally different way. Wonderful post this month and beautiful photos!

  7. by Solene on April 2, 2013  6:50 pm Reply

    Ha Jessica great post, I love it

  8. by czarina on April 2, 2013  7:49 pm Reply

    love!!! "beauty in simplicity" indeed my friend. :)

  9. by Jen Bantle on April 3, 2013  2:13 am Reply

    So awesome....loved the story behind the photos!

  10. by Lisa on April 5, 2013  11:01 am Reply

    Love love love the story behind this. I really enjoyed your take on this month's challenge.

  11. by Rebecca on April 9, 2013  5:04 am Reply

    Those first few pics of the machinery remind me if my in-laws house. My father in law was a collector of sorts & he has all kinds if interesting machines on his property. :)

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