Monthly Challenge: Close-Up Portraiture {and Clairvoyance}

This was an ideal month to be working on some up-close photos of the folks that live at my house.  Some of you’ve seen ShortStack before.  You know what she does when she’s tired?  She sucks her finger – much like this….


And, this is Sean.  He’s been tired since the moment I met him, so that’s nothing new, but this month he’s looking especially haggard — don’t you agree?


Would you like to know why?  Well, here we have Exhibit A:  A blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, with very tired eyes and a suddenly-short fuse, who has declared that she’s “never sleeping again”, and who believes the rest of the family is delighted to participate  in her perpetually-awake adventures.


Here’s me.


Wanna know why (despite a gross lack of sleep) I’m smiling?  ‘Cause I know.  I know that one day Exhibit A will be 15-years-old and want to lounge in bed all day each Saturday.  I know that nights will come where she will stay out far too long, and — mere hours later — when the world is thrumming on around her she’ll want to be obliviously absorbed in some years-overdue sleep in that big comfy bed her parents bought for her.  And then?  And then, I suspect that karma is going to hit Miss Thang like a ton of bricks.  Yes, mama knows.

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I’m participating in a blog circle with some other very talented ladies from ClickinMoms – we’ll be working on some photo skills/challenges each month and sharing them.  Please venture on to Bianca’s blog and see what she’s got in store for us this month.


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  2. by Jen Bantle on February 2, 2013  2:09 pm Reply

    I have said the exact same thing! My youngest son believes that 5am, yes 5am, is the new 8am.....ugh!

  3. by Lisa on February 2, 2013  2:36 pm Reply

    Love the processing of your images and the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing with us this month.

  4. by Melinda on February 2, 2013  5:06 pm Reply

    Ohhh I had to laugh at your post! I love your wisdom and perspective- and sense of humor! Well, My Miss Thang is all grown up and a terrific mama to 2 very challenging young ones of her own- even more challenging than she was. But back to photography. . . I love how you captured the essence of each family member at this point in time- even you! Well done!

    Love the name of your blog!

  5. by Rachel on February 2, 2013  7:38 pm Reply

    I just love your sense of humor about Exhibit A. Cracks me up! Beautiful job!

  6. by Jen R on February 2, 2013  8:44 pm Reply

    I'm convinced small children think we pull out the pinatas and party hats the moment they fall asleep. Beautiful images.

  7. by Rebecca on February 2, 2013  10:11 pm Reply

    Lol! I LOVE this! Here's to hoping you guys get some more sleep.

  8. by Valerie on February 2, 2013  11:36 pm Reply

    Hahaha!!! Love how you turned a not so pleasant story into something gorgeous and uplifting!!! I have such a soft spot for the finger sucking <3 all your images are so great this month! I think my fav is of your hubs- great comp and lighting. And happy to see you smiling even after all you've been through!!

  9. by Misty on February 3, 2013  5:49 am Reply

    I used to suck my finger just like that when I was little! And all my children have sucked either their thumb or fingers (but the baby hasn't yet, so we'll see), so I also have some of these shots. I so appreciate your perspective and optimism. Parenting is just plain hard, and fortunately this too shall pass.

  10. by Meredith on February 4, 2013  3:02 am Reply

    You are funny! And you know what? I sucked my finger exactly like that until I was six and my parents put me to bed with a leather glove soaked in Tabasco sauce. Yum. And I"m with you. There's payback for these sleepless nights and habitual early risers. Someday!

  11. by Stacey on February 5, 2013  1:13 am Reply

    LOVE your post and images!!

  12. by Jen on February 5, 2013  2:45 am Reply

    I just absolutely love this. The images, the stories, everything.

  13. by Davina on February 5, 2013  8:24 pm Reply

    Love your story and pictures, Jessica. I hope this phase passes quickly and you're all able to get some sleep soon.

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