Everyday Moments

Over the month of November I took part in a “30 Days of Thanks” project that was introduced on CM.  The nature of the project:  Take a picture every day for 30 days and represent (visually) the things in your life that you’re grateful for.  Some people blogged theirs, some simply shared via the CM forum, but (as some may know) I have a bit of a (ahem) Instagram addiction, and that’s how I chose to share mine.

I’ve said it before: For me everyday moments are the ones I’m most thankful for – and that’s why I chose to document them.  Here’s what our “everyday “looked like in November.


Grateful for:

Now, let’s see what Everyday Moments look like to the lovely Clarissa.


  1. by Melissa on December 16, 2012  4:57 pm Reply

    Jessica, loved seeing these again! Beautiful project.

  2. by Catherine Heyres on December 18, 2012  3:42 am Reply

    I love these and I love the name of your blog, Diapers and Wine, haha perfect ;)

  3. by Nina on December 20, 2012  2:41 am Reply

    These are so great, Jessica! Loved seeing your girls again!

  4. by Melinda on February 3, 2013  12:28 am Reply

    Been looking through your blog- laughed a lot! You have a great way with words- and some wisdom there too! I love how you have captured your everyday moments- and your introspective moments too. And yes,your husband is great- but let's move on. . . (really laughed at that one!)

    I'm glad you're in my blog circle- now I won't forget to come back and visit!

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