Everyday Moments

I’m (yet again) working on what seems like a limitless amount of stuff.  I got projects out the wazoo.  My 365 is taking up a lot of time – I’m not just trying to get a shot every day, but I’m really working hard to develop a few skills.  And there are days that are harder than others.  So, in the spirit of true “every day” moments, I thought I would also get on my “Snapshot Advocate” soapbox. 

If I’m being genuine I tell you that our every day moments aren’t perfectly composed in-camera.  They have flaws.  As much as I’d like for each picture to be, well, perfect, that’s not always going to happen:  And that’s okay – there are going to be those moments that the photos, while not my best technically, are going to be some of the ones I treasure most.  They’ll have have cluttered backgrounds, and dirty faces, and mismatched clothing; they will also be the ones we have the most stories about, the ones that bring back the most memories, and they will have a dad of two girls who has enough humility and love to let them give him a royal spa treatment.  By compromising perfection we’ve all gained a little.  This is what Everyday Moments do (and should) look like for me.


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Now, let’s see what Everyday Moments look like to the lovely Kimberly.


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  2. by Misty on January 15, 2013  3:00 pm Reply

    What a good sport :) And I completely agree about the photos :) Its what bring back the memories for us :)

  3. by Misha on January 15, 2013  6:17 pm Reply

    I just love your girls.

  4. by Valerie on January 19, 2013  4:09 am Reply

    What I love MOST about this, is the moment. They most likely won't remember this exact moment, but because you have these pictures, it's captured forever. <3 YOU are preserving these days. I love it.

  5. by Kim on January 19, 2013  9:09 pm Reply

    I love these and this post is a great reminder that the moment is the most important thing of all!

  6. by Julie M on January 25, 2013  1:50 pm Reply

    This is so precious! Your husband looks like a great father!

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