And Then You Were Five

I’m not sure I even remember anything about the day this picture was taken, Blondie.  I was scared.  Your dad was scared (I’ve got the pictures to prove it).  We weren’t sure we would be good enough.  But, then you were born – and all was right with the world.


Then, I’m not sure what happened, but you asked to go to pre-school and learned how to use the toilet, and suddenly…suddenly you were two.


And, we kept chugging along.  You got a new sister, and you kept growing and doing well in school.  Learning…always learning.  Then – BAM!! – you were four.

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Why?  Why have you gone and made yourself five?  It’s to spite me, isn’t it?


Well, you have it your way, Miss Thang.  You continue to grow.  I hope I still have a thing or two to teach you, because (without question) each day you teach me something about both of us.

I hope you know I love you.

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