Yours Truly

Who {I am}: I’ve worked in a variety of jobs/industries:  I worked in a steel mill during an active labor strike, as an administrative assistant, for a coroner, on a team constructing a chemical weapons destruction plant, as an EMT (training to be a firefighter)…to name a few.  Currently I’m a wife and mom.  {I use those terms loosely.}

What {I do}:  I have as many hobbies/interests as I’ve had jobs:  I can roof a house; I can knit a blanket; I can overhaul an engine; I can french braid hair.  I am equal parts retro and modern.  {It’s possible I have ADD.}

When {I do it}:  Whenever it strikes me – sometimes the genius hits me in the middle of the day; sometimes in the middle of the night.  It’s futile to resist it – and it is precisely the kind of brilliance you can expect from an idea born at 2:27 in the morning. {But mostly cause I suffer from bouts of insomnia.}

Where {I can be found}: Currently: Los Alamos, New Mexico.  {Check back tomorrow – who knows by then.}

Why {this blog}:  Just ’cause man, just ’cause. {I’m lonely.}

Extra Credit:  The primary Cast/Crew in my Life Performance consist of: Sean, Blondie, ShortStack and Bailey…all featured below.

Oh…and mama drinks a little.


Cast And Crew:



Sean:  A native Texan and the youngest in a family of three kids (not including half-siblings). We met at work.  He was my boss.  We were young and attractive and exciting.  That was years ago.


Blondie:  We brought her home as a surprise souvenir from a trip to Florida.


ShortStack: As the youngest daughter, she is eerily {alarmingly} similar to me.



Bailey_DiapersAndWine  Bailey:  Our dog {again, a term I use loosely}.