A Letter to My Lady Babies

On Youth

The average lifespan of an American woman is 83.3 years.  Of that, only 18 years is devoted strictly to being a child.

That means a predominate amount of life devoted to paying bills, staying up late worrying, working long hours…getting older.  If you ever wanted to do anything simply because I asked, please make it this:  Pack every day full of “childhood”.  Do the things that you can’t/won’t/don’t get to do anymore as an adult.

Explore the world…


…and your imagination.


Jump on the bed.

050 | 365 : Jump

Learn new things…even when it’s hard.


Have dessert.  Always.have.dessert.

044 | 365: Yummmm

Push each other.  Pull each other.  Take care of each other.


You have 78% of your life to grow old and only get 22% to truly be young – more than anything I want you to enjoy it.

I hope you know I love you.

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P.S.  On the 10th day of each month I’ll be contributing a post alongside other women in a series called “Letters to our Daughters”. I’ll bet Lauren has something to say to her daughter we can all learn from.


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  2. by Heather Meyer on March 11, 2013  3:13 pm Reply

    Oh.my.gosh. Jessica! This is beautiful and speaks right to my heart. I love it, absolutely adore it. Well done.

  3. by Lauren on March 13, 2013  8:56 pm Reply

    wonderful, precious little moments Jessica... and that's what it's really all about isn't it. :)

  4. by Holly on January 21, 2014  5:42 pm Reply

    Love this. Beautiful.

    • by Jessica on January 21, 2014  6:03 pm Reply

      Thanks very much, Holly! Trying to get this blog back in business.

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